Alex Hellum

Ulrik Bar Stool for SCP

Alex Hellum is delighted to announce to launch of the Ulrik Bar Stool for SCP….

As a development of Alex Hellum’s Ulrik stool launched BY SCP in 2009, this year sees the introduction of the Ulrik barstool. Both stools display the same solid ash legs and seat with a beautifully executed joinery detail that allows the seat to be constructed from two separate parts. The stool’s ergonomics have been adjusted to suit its elevated position. The seat of the bar stool lies horizontally allowing the user to sit more comfortably and the fold of the seat is positioned towards the back to form a backrest which doubles as a handle. These adjustments link the seat to the footrest at the front and give the stool both poise and direction. Height 70cm, diameter 35cm.

If you would like press images or information about The Ulrik Bar Stool, please contact the press office at SCP.

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