Alex Hellum

TEN PLAN at 100%Design 2010

As part of the ongoing TEN project, Alex Hellum has produced a set of plans for how to make a three-legged stool.

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TEN is a collective of 10 designers who share a similar approach to design and who for the last four years have been presenting different projects around the theme of environmental sustainability in design. Now in their fifth year the TEN collective will be showing TEN PLAN, an exhibition of projects, which will be accompanied by plans and instructions for making.

Alex Hellum “Making a stool”
This project is as much about the journey as the end result. Alex Hellum has created a set of plans that will be available to download that detail the process of making a three legged stool. The plans include diagrams and instruction on how to drill holes at an angle into a piece of timber with a jig, how to whittle wood and how to adapt old legs to fit a new seat.

A gentle, pleasurable project, Alex hopes that the process of making the stool will be as pleasurable as sitting on it.

At TEN PLAN, Alex presents his version of the stool.

TEN are Tomoko Azumi, Stephen Bretland, Carl Clerkin, Gitta Gschwendtner, Alex Hellum, Chris Jackson, Sam Johnson, Michael Marriott, Nina Tolstrup and Hector Serrano.

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