Alex Hellum

Peg Chair for NORA of Norway

Alex Hellum is delighted to announce the reintroduction of the popular Peg Chair by Norwegian manufacturer NORA of Norway who are known for combining modern design with traditional furniture craftsmanship.

The Peg chair is a chair and clothes hanging device and was first shown at 100% Norway in 2008 as a low volume production piece. It has since been taken on by NORA and will be relaunched in September. Alex Hellum, who is based in the UK, has developed a distinctive design style based on observation, utility and honest use of materials. His starting point is often a pragmatic one; watchful of how people use their products and environment, he asserts that in design “there is always a practical solution” and believes part of the role of a designer is to give reason for things to exist. His sensitive use of wood gives his designs character, depth and integrity.