Alex Hellum


Alex is pleased to be participating in X3, an installation by CR&D, (Creative Research and Development) at Tent and Super Brands 2012.

Come and see Alex make a chair in the X3 workshop, a clear cube allowing members of the public to view the process of “design making in action” on Friday 21st September from 1pm till 7pm.

Alex can only use the supplied materials and tools and has to complete his design within an allocated amount time of 6 hrs.

Tool List

Regular Tools

Japanese Saw – 240mm, Wood Mallet, Hammer, Chisel 20mm & 10mm, Smoothing Plane, Woodworking Vice, 4 Speed Clamps, Square, Tenon Saw.

Machine Tools
Router, Cordless Drill, Drill Bits and Countersink, Dust Extraction Vacuum.

1 litre each of Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Black water soluble paint, Water, Sand Paper, Sanding Block, Wood Glue, Screws, Pins, Wood Wax, Rags, Paint Brush, Small Tub for Mixing Paint, Duct Tape, Masking Tape.

4 Sheets Birch Ply Wood (600mmx600mmx18mm) Prepared Beech (8 @ 25mm x 50mm x 1200mm, 8  @ 15mm x 30mm x 1200mm).