Alex Hellum

September 18, 2012


Alex is pleased to be participating in X3, an installation by CR&D, (Creative Research and Development) at Tent and Super Brands 2012.

Come and see Alex make a chair in the X3 workshop, a clear cube allowing members of the public to view the process of “design making in action” on Friday 21st September from 1pm till 7pm.

Alex can only use the supplied materials and tools and has to complete his design within an allocated amount time of 6 hrs.

Tool List

Regular Tools

Japanese Saw – 240mm, Wood Mallet, Hammer, Chisel 20mm & 10mm, Smoothing Plane, Woodworking Vice, 4 Speed Clamps, Square, Tenon Saw.

Machine Tools
Router, Cordless Drill, Drill Bits and Countersink, Dust Extraction Vacuum.

1 litre each of Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Black water soluble paint, Water, Sand Paper, Sanding Block, Wood Glue, Screws, Pins, Wood Wax, Rags, Paint Brush, Small Tub for Mixing Paint, Duct Tape, Masking Tape.

4 Sheets Birch Ply Wood (600mmx600mmx18mm) Prepared Beech (8 @ 25mm x 50mm x 1200mm, 8  @ 15mm x 30mm x 1200mm).

September 18, 2011

The Auction Room at Designers Block, 21st – 25th September 2011

Alex is pleased to announce his participation in The Auction Room an exhibition curated by Mariana Pestana with Designersblock for The London Design Festival.

For the Auction Room Alex has created the “Red-Blue Desk” inspired by the ‘Red-Blue chair’ by Gerrit Rietveld.

The Red-Blue Desk is presented as a homage to Rietvelds chair and is composed from the exact same generic components used to create the original Red-Blue Chair design. The rectilinear components have been rearranged into what Alex Hellum describes as a “ Rietveld-esk design”. The desk features a subtle reference to Rietvelds design in the form of a discreetly introduced 30mm x 30mm square painted yellow on every elevation as featured on the original design.

More than just a modern classic; the Red-Blue Chair is a statement of early modern design with a move away from craft as a means to an end.

It is behind the Red-Blue Desk that the auctioneer will perform and on top of it will the gavel firmly hit. After the auction, this piece is to be used as a small writing desk with a raised sliding platform for a laptop or a note pad where you can to hide stationary and other things away beneath it.

The exhibition will display bespoke objects especially commissioned to reflect upon the theme of ‘fake’ and arranged as to form an immersive experience that evokes the scenario of an auction.

In this piece, the answer to fake was driven by the idea of copying – with its connotations and creative potential – and processed with the designer’s practical mindset.

The exhibition is The Auction Room. The Auction Room is the exhibition.  All the elements, from the chairs to the hammer have been made by exciting designers and are up for auction. Visit the exhibition and place a bid*. On Sunday 25th September, the bartering will take place and the audience will be able to take home amazing design pieces without spending a penny*.

The exhibition encourages the viewer to ‘decode’ the display narrative: playing on reality and fiction, The Auction Room questions the format of exhibitions and the role that they play in the contemporary context of design.

The Auction Room Exhibtion will be held at:

The Farmiloe Building,
34 St. Johns Street

* offers might be a collection of vintage vinyl, design services, other design pieces, a weeks holiday in Greece…anything except money.

Click link below to watch a Trailor

The Auction Room Trailor

September 19, 2010

100% Norway 2010 at 100%Design

Alex Hellum is pleased to present a new prototype at 100% Norway 2010. The prototype product, entitled Angle&Slide, is a wall-mounted storage unit made from untreated pine with a water based wood-stain.

Dimensions: W 250 H 150 D 100 mm
For High Resolution images please right click here.

Angle&Slide by Alex Hellum
Angle&Slide has been created to keep those smaller items found all round the home and office. It’s ideal for your wallet, keys, photos and the daily miscellany of life. The wood panel that faces you is painted in either orange or yellow and the different versions feature either an angled or sliding door. Angle&Slide is a product currently in development, for sales or any other enquiries please contact

Here are some further details of the 100%Norway 2010 exhibition:

100% Norway 2010
The design exhibition 100% Norway will once again showcase the best of Norwegian furniture and interior products during the London Design Festival at 100% Design, Earls Court, from 23 to 26 September.

Building on the success of previous years, 100% Norway 2010 will showcase works of both established and up-and-coming designers, and feature a number of the country’s leading manufacturers. This will be the seventh time the exhibition visits London to act as a door opener for Norwegian designers and manufacturers to the British market and simultaneously build awareness of Norwegian design in the UK and internationally.

For the fifth year in a row, the show has been curated by Henrietta Thompson, design editor with Wallpaper* magazine, along with co-curator Benedicte Sunde from the Norwegian Design Council. Of the selection, curator Henrietta Thompson said: “This year we were so happy to see that the standard of work submitted for inclusion in the show was higher than ever. It is inspiring to witness a new generation of talented young designers emerging and very encouraging that the established manufacturers are not afraid to invest in it. Doubtless there is a great diversity in Norwegian design today and any number of rich and fascinating stories to tell, and we can happily say that we were spoilt for choice.”

100% Norway @ 100% Design
Earls Court, Stand G40
Open Daily

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September 15, 2010

TEN PLAN at 100%Design 2010

As part of the ongoing TEN project, Alex Hellum has produced a set of plans for how to make a three-legged stool.

For high resolution images, please right click here.

TEN is a collective of 10 designers who share a similar approach to design and who for the last four years have been presenting different projects around the theme of environmental sustainability in design. Now in their fifth year the TEN collective will be showing TEN PLAN, an exhibition of projects, which will be accompanied by plans and instructions for making.

Alex Hellum “Making a stool”
This project is as much about the journey as the end result. Alex Hellum has created a set of plans that will be available to download that detail the process of making a three legged stool. The plans include diagrams and instruction on how to drill holes at an angle into a piece of timber with a jig, how to whittle wood and how to adapt old legs to fit a new seat.

A gentle, pleasurable project, Alex hopes that the process of making the stool will be as pleasurable as sitting on it.

At TEN PLAN, Alex presents his version of the stool.

TEN are Tomoko Azumi, Stephen Bretland, Carl Clerkin, Gitta Gschwendtner, Alex Hellum, Chris Jackson, Sam Johnson, Michael Marriott, Nina Tolstrup and Hector Serrano.

100% Design
Earls Court
Feature Area
The Central Promenade

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